Topical pain relievers are the second fastest-growing group of OTC medications sold in Nth America and the market now exceeds US$ 1 billion p.a. The demand will continue to grow as 16% of the US population are now 65 years and older, according to the U.S. Population Census Office. The Centre for Disease Control, states that more than 54 million people have arthritis and it is a leading cause of work disability, costing $303.5 billion per annum, for medical care and lost earnings. The health and wellness industry is booming however and those looking to benefit from an active lifestyle will achieve more with Athletes Gel.
Consumers are also actively seeking reasonably priced natural alternatives, which reduce the need to utilize oral pain medications and avoid the negative connotations of NSAID overuse.
Athletes Gel (AG) Licensing Models
AG are now seeking distributors who have significant existing penetration into defined consumer channels.
We recognise that a single Licensor may have access to multiple territories, consumer channels, agents and sub-distributors and our Licensing arrangements can be tailored accordingly.
AG can be manufactured in Australia with our FDA Approved Partner or with an agreed manufacturer in the USA and/or Canada.
Nth American Licenses Now Available
As at November 1, 2020, the following Licensing Opportunities exist within Nth America.
  1. Master License for USA and Canada
Includes the right to market, distribute, manufacture and sub-license Athletes Gel within the territories of the USA and Canada. In the event that this License is confirmed, then no other channel licenses will be offered.
  1. Exclusive Channel Licenses
(i)     Gymnasiums: 38,000 Gym/Fitness Centres - 50M Member market -USA.
(ii)    Canadian Golf market: 2400 courses - 2 million players
(iii)   USA Golf market:  15,000+ courses - 24 million players
(iv)   FMCG market in USA and Canada
(v)    Pharmaceutical distribution market in USA and Canada
(vi)   Allied Health industry market in USA and Canada
(vii)  Online / Offline Sports market in USA and Canada
(viii) Snow Sports and Tourism industry in USA and Canada