USA - Canada Golf License

Athletes Gel is offering an exclusive USA/Canada License to sell, market and distribute our product within Nth America. Although Golf Courses and Pro Shops, provide the greatest opportunities, there are many alternate channels within the Golf industry that generates $84 billion and employs nearly 2 million people.

USA Golf market: Statistics


Online - Offline Sales


Golfers love AG

Golfers will do anything to squeeze another 9 holes in or get through the game they love, relatively pain and inflammation free. The qualities offered by Athletes Gel support those that love to play the game and represent a new and profitable income stream for engaged stakeholders.

Golf Players

Golf is the No.1 outdoor pay-for-play, individual participation sport in the U.S. Total golf participation has climbed to 33.5 million when factoring in increasingly popular off-course forms of the game such as Topgolf, Drive Shack and indoor simulators. Almost one in every nine Americans plays golf in some form.

On Trend

Golf is moving beyond the 18-hole format and introducing new shorter forms of the game. The increasing quality of simulators is likely to accelerate this process. There are currently 2300+ alternative golf facilities like, practice ranges,mini golf, indoor centers & 1,300+ driving ranges.

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