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Athletes Gel is offering an exclusive USA/Canada License to sell, market and distribute our product within Nth America. Athletes Gel has been used by some of the best known competitors of the Body Building and Strongman sports in the world. Athletes Gel Ambassadors feature at Arnold's Strongman, IBBF Pro Tournaments, Mr. Universe and World Strongman competitions for men and women.



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Gym & Fitness Statistics 2019-21

Gym Industry

The US gym industry was worth $35 Bil, up 8.3% from its $32.3 billion record in 2019.

There are 41,370 gyms in the United States as of 2019, up from 39,570 locations in 2018. 

The average annual revenue per gym in the US was $846,827.05 in 2019. 

Member Profile

There were 64.2 US million gym members in 2019.

The average gym member in America is worth $545.81 per year to their gyms. 

75% gym members say they regularly use strength training machines. Source -Statistia

US Averages

America has the third-highest member penetration rate with 21.2% of the US population being a gym member. Source- IHRSA -2020         

Gyms in the US have an average of 1551.51 members per gym. 

41% of Americans work out to lower their weight.  

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