Susan Seipel

Rio Para Olympic Bronze Medallist – 3 x World No.1 Para Canoe

As a Kayak and Outrigger Athlete, there is always so much upper body work you need to do to be strong in this sport. Applying Athletes Gel to my shoulders before training really helps my recovery.


Lachlan Tame

Rio Olympic Games Bronze Medallist – K2 Kayak. World 500M K2 Champion.

Australian Surf Life Saving Ski Champion and SLS Hall of Fame

I got introduced to the Athletes Gel when I got back from Rio. I had strained my hamstring really badly and after applying the gel for 2 days, it was fully recovered. I’m super impressed with it and use it before and after sessions.  


Wade Carmichael

World Surf League Professional. World No.5. 2018 WSL Rookie of the Year

I have been using the Athletes Gel, for a nagging hip injury. I took it to Hawaii this year and used it during my defence of the Hawaii Open which I won in 2015. I have to say it works amazing. It’s also waterproof as well which is a massive bonus.


Matt Levy OAM

Rio Paralympics Gold 100m freestyle. 8 Paralympic medals and 11 World Titles

It takes courage to start something, perseverance to follow through with it and an attitude to complete it. I really like Athletes Gel and the ethics of the company. It helps with my competition and recovery.


Eddie Williams

2018 Arnold Pro Winner. Australia’s Strongest Man. Guiness World Records

After using Athletes Gel I have to say it is definitely the strongest natural pain and anti-inflammatory product I have used. I am so onboard with this that I will be taking it to the strongmen of the world.


Jay Furniss

Nutrigrain Ironman series 2019

I started using Athletes Gel at the beginning of 2018 and continue to use it  for relief from minor injuries. It’s waterproof as well which is a must for my sport and continues to work even in the surf.



Sam Pearce

2015 Mr. Universe. (AM) IFBB Pro Australian Heavyweight Champion

I used Athletes Gel in one training session and was an immediate convert. After road testing the gel in my own workouts and looking at the science, it became clear this Aussie invention was like nothing in the market I had experienced, anywhere. I am very impressed.


Karlee Nurthen

2018 Nutrigrain Ironwoman- Wold Champion

I could not believe the heat Athletes Gel generated in my knees just minutes after applying. It certainly works a treat for me as I do two sessions a day.


Lopeti Timani

2018 Australian Wallabies Rugby Union and Melbourne Super Rugby

Me and the team tried it at training and man, we love it! Applied before I run out, really changes the way I can stretch and move. Last throughout the whole game and still feel it working later at night.



Robbie Abel

2019 Auckland Blues Super Rugby. 2019 Maori All Blacks


I was being ruled out of a Super Rugby game for a shoulder injury and applied Athletes Gel. 24 hours later I ran out with my Brumbies team mates. Team Physios said I was little chance of playing and I was blown away that one application could make such a difference, especially given that the previous night I couldn’t lift my arm. I now use it before and after each training session and games.

Elias Boukarim

Sydney FC. A-LEAGUE. High Performance Coach & Head Physiotherapist

We started using Athletes Gel during 2018 on our senior players. We found that applying before training, supported faster recovery and contributed to injury prevention. Due to the strength of the product we are able to add other oils without diminishing it’s impact.


John Crawley

Tongan International Rugby Physiotherapist.

We trialed Athletes Gel during 2018 on first grade players within North Queensland Cowboys and Townsville Tomahawks. The product can be diluted with sorbolene or almond oil to allow for larger surface area massage. Direct application on strains, bruising and soft tissue injuries has shown to speed recovery. I bought this product into camp with the Tongan Rugby Team in their Test Match against Samoa.


Mat Fechner

Inspire Physiotherapy Centre. 2018 Commonwealth Games Physiotherapist

Over the years I have been introduced to many products claiming to "cure this" and "relieve that" and unfortunately most have failed miserably. They are either based on bad science or just make claims that are blatantly not true. When I was initially given a sample of Athlete's Gel, I was sceptical. I thought I would give it a go as I was looking for a better gel/cream to use when I massage and treat clients. I must say the feedback I have been given has been overwhelmingly positive. The heat generated by the gel to soothe those aches and pains is superior to any other product I've tried. The longevity is also impressive with the effects on many people still being felt over 24 hours later. I am currently working with a local Australian Rules Football club and the players are reporting less post game soreness which enables them to train harder and more often and importantly enjoy their Sundays.


Dr. Laura Pearce

Dir. Back into Osteopathy & Triathlete

As an Osteopath and Triathlete, I am focused on holistic practices for myself and my patients. I first tried Athletes Gel mid 2017 when it was being developed and even then I knew this was going to be brilliant. Now it's here and I'm still using it in my practice and my sport. It is suitable for all ages and when applied before activity, there is exceptional recovery, especially diminishing the symptoms of delayed muscle soreness. I generally do not use products in this Listed Medicines Category, as they rarely impress enough to use on either myself or recommend to patients. Athletes Gel is in a class of it’s own.